Come join us at The Table for this delicious adventure through the most iconic pastas of the Italian region, Lazio. You will have a chance to learn how to make home-made pasta, how to work with traditional hard wheat pasta and how to create wonderful sauces out of cheese or eggs without a need of using cream.

The dishes prepared are:

• Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

Homemade pasta with a sauce of pecorino, parmigiano and roasted black pepper.

• Spaghetti alla Gricia

Durum pasta with pecorino romano, parmesan and crunchy guanciale.

• Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Traditional Roman dish, with egg yolk, pecorino romano, pepper and guanciale.

• Mezze maniche all'Amatriciana

Durum pasta in “Amatrice” style, with soft guanciale and chopped tomatoes sauce.

• Wine Pairing (included)

After the course you will master the skills on how to cook properly al dente pasta (either fresh or dried). You will be able to create different kinds of Italian sauces and have a good understanding over the steps that you have to follow in order to make a perfect Italian dish every single time.


Duration of course: 2 hours


Number of Participants: minimum 3/maximum 5


3 People - 4497 Kc  (1499 Kc/ person) 

4 people - 5696 Kc  (1424 Kc/person) 

5 people - 6745 Kc  (1349 Kc/person) 

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If you would like to book an experience on the date that is not available in the calendar, please contact us and we can arrange the course upon agreement.