Our goal is to show people the real meaning of traditional Italian cuisine, how it's done and how families in Italy prepare their meals. Pick a minimum of 2 dishes from our menu for everyone to enjoy.


We focus both on Mediterranean and Bolognese cuisine, trying to promote slow food as an alternative to fast food showing people the simplicity of healthy and traditional cooking of Italy. Come join us at The Table for this delicious adventure.


Please see our  Customized Menu  to explore the dishes available on this experience.


Every dish is priced differently, so please fill out our form below, to get a quote before booking.

Please include:

  • The number of participants (minimum 2/maximum 5)

  • The dishes you would like to enjoy (minimum 2)

  • The wine pairing of your choice

If you would like to book an experience on the date that is not available in the calendar, please contact us and we can arrange the course upon agreement.

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